Basic Service includes
Your multi lingual chauffeur will not only be able to communicate with the client proficiently, but will be able to communicate with your clients’ guest and family members who may not be proficient in English.  Your chauffeur can be your personal assistant for the day, while you are conducting business. Your chauffeur can run small errands such as picking up small packages, documents, and more. Our chauffeurs will gladly have your car gassed, taken to the car wash, detail minor interior and exterior areas as needed, and have the vehicle taken in for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. Multi Lingual Chauffeurs will assist you in ways that maximize your valuable time. 

Client Liability Protection

In response to our clients’ needs, all Multi-Lingual Chauffeurs is fully insured. $500,000 dollar non-owned automobile liability insurance provides coverage in excess of the clients’ personal automobile insurance. Worker’s compensation insurance pays for injuries incurred by a chauffeur while driving the Clients’ vehicle.

Diligence & Dependability
Attention to detail is vital to the smooth operation of your ground transportation. Doors are opened, packages are handled, and umbrellas are used in inclement weather. All of this is done to provide exceptional comfort at an affordable price. In the end, our goal is to provide our clients with a high level of service that will meet or exceed their expectations. Arrival on time means 15 minutes before the customer's specified time.

Non-Disclosure Agreement and Trust
Multi Lingual Chauffeurs are well attired, savvy and diplomatic. Their training dictates their understanding of the importance of keeping disclosed information confidential, with that said all Multi Lingual Chauffeurs have signed non-disclosure agreements, and we are willing to sign our clients’ non-disclosure agreements.

Qualifications Check

Multilingual Chauffeurs certifies your chauffeur on an ongoing basis for client safety.

Driving record check

          Substance abuse

Criminal background check

          Professionally trained

Individually road tested

          Ongoing safety training

Defensive driving course

          Character assessment

Our chauffeurs are security conscious and knowledgeable
They have strong communication and organizational skills
Are professionally attired or dress casual, you decide
Are available for part time or short term assignments
Our clients can request a different chauffeur at any time, providing clients’ with flexibility
We offer back up support if a chauffeur becomes ill
Our chauffeurs have knowledge of the best routes and traffic patterns
Are knowledgeable about professional societies and have social etiquette

Aaron T. Jackson 
is the President and Founder of Finest Chauffeurs.  Multi Lingual chauffeurs is a service provided by Finest Chauffeurs. He has worked as a New York City Police Officer for over twenty years. His assignments varied from patrolling the Lower East Side, to Presidential security details, to working at City Hall, at the pleasure of the Mayors Security detail. He has served as a chauffeur, bodyguard and/or personal assistant to various individuals of prominence throughout the world for more than twenty years. Aaron understands that for Multi Lingual Chauffeurs to be successful that language proficiency, safety, reliability & discretion must be a top priority for Multi Lingual Chauffeurs. Please continue reading and learn more about Multi Lingual Chauffeurs, or [Contact Us]

We thank you for considering Multi Lingual Chauffeurs, the United States of Americas only Multi Lingual chauffeur service!

Aaron T. Jackson