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Multilingual Chauffeurs is America's only chauffeur service where every chauffeur speaks English and an additional language fluently. Our Multilingual Chauffeurs are ideal for international executives, dignitaries and tourist who may not speak English fluently and would appreciate being transported by a friendly driver who speaks their native tongue. Our Multilingual Chauffeurs are also available to drive clients’ in their corporate, rented, personal vehicle or our vehicle.  We have the Rolls Royce Phantom, Bentley, Mercedes S550 and a variety of SUVs.  Our chauffeurs are also available to escort clients.  Our Multilingual Chauffeurs can escort clients to museums, restaurants, shopping districts, and translate or interpret for them regarding the cost of goods while shopping as well as carry the client’s bags. 

Mayor David N. Dinkins endorses Finest Chauffeurs as the best law enforcement chauffeur service

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We can supply temporary and short term drivers, full time chauffeurs, and back up chauffeurs if your primary chauffeur becomes ill. We also provide multilingual law enforcement chauffeurs for dignitaries during United Nations week & security chauffeurs for CEOs at corporate events. Event planners, personal assistants and destination management companies routinely contact us for designated drivers. 

Our Multilingual Chauffeurs speak a variety of languages including Arabic, Hebrew, Yiddish, Spanish, Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Urdu, Italian, Russian, Polish, German, Japanese, French, Creole and American Sign Language (ASL). This makes it easier for our chauffeurs to communicate with our international clients from Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Dubai UAE, London UK, Tokyo Japan, Paris France, Hong Kong & Beijing China, Toronto Canada, Tel Aviv Israel & Delhi & Mumbai India.

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